The time of day was closing towards the setting of the sun and the grim, but elegant landscape stretched out before the villa for hundreds of miles. The little red planet was slowly, but surely turning on it's axis destined to return to the light of the sun. That time was not now and the slow Martian sunset was upon us. The rays illuminated the windows and gave the room a quaint and peculiar glow. It was almost completely silent and only the slow breeze would rustle the desolate vegetation. After centuries of terraforming Mars was still mostly a red rock, the atmosphere was breathable, but no wild vegetation seemed to take root and only the sporadic farms would provide a green smudge to the vast red deserts of Mars. The terraforming of Mars couldn't have come at a worse time, it was heralded as the next great project of humanity, but the discovery of faster then light travel midway through the terraforming process put Mars on the back burner. Faster then light travel came and pushed humanity far beyond the boundaries of the solar system, the discovery of countless nearby habitable worlds further dimmed the light for the future of Mars. Nevertheless the project was complete, taking a lot longer to finish and being no more then an obligation to a contract and the threat of a rebellion. That time is now long gone and Mars stands as a lonely red giant among the countless world that have been settled by humanity. Five centuries have passed since the terraforming has finished and Mars still prevails and is as red as ever.